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Fotoverslag | Ada Oda + Plush Baby – Ancienne Belgique Club

Ada Oda @ Ancienne Belgique Club (Brussel, BE)

Last Thursday, the bruxelloise band Ada Oda graced the cosy stage of a sold-out AB Club in Brussels with their distinctive sound and their Italian lyrics, delivering an unforgettable and energetic night of music. Ada Oda is always associated with thrill, movement, and specially dancing all night long. Since the first notes of “Stanca” started, Victoria’s vocals and energy rapidly contaminated everyone in the room, some of which being part of their usual crowd, setting the tone for an immersive experience. The synergy among the band members was palpable during the whole performance, with Aurélien always delighting us with his jumps and charisma, although in general it is not a band that believes in performing solos during their shows, but rather involving all the members in all the songs.

Notable highlights included the appearance on stage of Victoria Barracato’s to help her sing the song Masquerade, which on her own words, is a song that give her anxiety when singing it, so we were glad to see the duet sing it so comfortably, as well as Victoria going on Clément’s shoulders to perform a full song really effortlessly for both, showing that is something commonly done in their shows. The band is also known for approaching the audience as much as they can, with Victoria going in the crowd first, followed by Aurélien and Clément creating a kind of a small moshpit that deligheted the crowd, whose energy and enthusiasm mirrored the band's passion, creating a symbiotic relationship that elevated the concert experience.

The well selected guest for their show was Plush Baby, a duo formed by Caitlin Talbut, and Nicolas Anné playing their synth pop and striking vocals that already set the audience in the perfect mood for what was coming next. They joined as well the band in their last song.

Ada Oda

Plush Baby


Donderdag 14 februari 2024, Ancienne Belgique Club (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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