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News | Roadburn Festival: eerste bekendmakingen!

Twee curatoren, drie stukken 'commisioned music' én Julie Christmas! Met deze info gaat de persmachine voor Roadburn 2020 van start. Voor deze bekendmakingen nemen we gemakshalve de Engelstalige persinfo over.

1. Curatoren

Emma Ruth Rundle It’s highly unlikely that Roadburners are unfamiliar with Emma Ruth Rundle – she’s left such a mark on the festival, and the wider musical landscape over the past few years. We’re honoured to invite her back to Roadburn as a curator – a new role for her, but one that she is more than ready for. Her expansive creativity and curious explorations have already led her towards collaborations – both live and on record. Her musical taste is broad and in keeping with Roadburn’s desire to explore the many facets of heavy music.

James Kent Few artists have straddled metal and electronic audiences as effortlessly as Perturbator. With personal tastes deeply rooted in metal, and an output that pulsates with digital slickness, James Kent embodies everything that is exciting about dark synth music today. His refreshing approach to creativity and his ability to explore heaviness in innovative ways makes him an ideal candidate for Roadburn’s 2020 curatorship role. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

2. Commissioned pieces of music

James Kent & Johannes Persson Our 2020 curator, James Kent AKA Perturbator is set to join forces with Cult of Luna’s Johannes Persson for a commissioned performance that will form something of a grand centre-piece for Roadburn, and in turn – James’s curation.

Jo Quail With an intention to explore heaviness, Jo Quail’s focus is exploring the juxtaposition between classical and more contemporary music, in this case post-metal. “Arguably heaviness is an emotional concept, reaching far beyond the confines of volume, speed and instrumentation,” Jo says. She will join forces with Rotterdam’s highly regarded New Trombone Collective – a group of trombonists who pride themselves on innovation, creativity and collaboration – to work towards communicating specific feeling through their combined output. Vile Creature & Bismuth An overwhelming response to both bands at Roadburn 2019, coupled with our own insatiable appetite for creativity and innovation has led to us inviting Vile Creature and Bismuth to collaborate on a specially commissioned project for Roadburn 2020. Titled A Hymn of Loss and Hope, the collaborative piece will be performed for the first – and the last – time at Roadburn. A literal once in a lifetime chance to see these incredible forces combine to perform a piece that is already brewing and a-bubbling as you read.

3. Julie Christmas

Julie Christmas has one of the most distinctive voices in alternative, discordant music – and it’s a thrill for us to announce that we’ve not heard the last of that glorious voice at Roadburn. From Made Out of Babies, through Battle of Mice, as a solo artist, and as a collaborator with Cult of Luna on their stunning 2016 album Mariner, Julie has left a distinctive, subtle but indelible bruise on our record collections. Her back catalogue is varied but all branded with a distinctive Christmas flair, so whichever route she takes, it’s a rabbit hole that we’re ready and willing to follow her down. At Roadburn 2020, Julie will perform a special, exclusive set comprising of both old favourites and new material. Read that again: new material. Those who witnessed the creative chemistry between Julie and her Mariner cohort, Johannes Persson, may not be surprised to learn that the pair were eager to work together again. He will join her on stage, alongside – among others – ex-Kylesa guitarist, Laura Pleasants. Already a backing band to die for.

De verkoop start op 24 september!

Blijf op de hoogte van verder nieuws via hun website en/of Facebook pagina.

Beetje in de sfeer komen?

Bekijk de 2018 docu.

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