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Sounds | The Underground Thieves, White Noise

De stem doet denken aan David Bowie en Mark Bolan, de muziek begint met een relax Americana gevoel om dan richting een psychedelische trip te groeien. In hun eerste jaar en tot op vandaag lieten ze ons om de zoveel maand kennis maken met een nieuwe nummer. White Noise is het zevende 'chapter'. Benieuwd of we ook hier méér te horen krijgen van dit Rock/Americana/Soul/Blues 'collectief'.

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The Underground Thieves is a music collective from the the Southern California desert, led by guitarist, singer/songwriter, and producer Nick Perri.

Collaborators thus far have included Perri’s former Silvertide bandmates, singer Walt Lafty and bassist Brian Weaver, indie-rockers Anthony and Michael Montesano (Pepper’s Ghost), Mount Holly drummer John Bach, blues keyboardist Justin DiFebbo (K-Floor), soulful vocalist Hannah Gernand, Los Angeles piano legend Brother Sal, and singer-phenomenon Jimmy Gnecco (Ours), among other amazing talents.

The result is a swirling dustup of bluesy rock-and-roll, and roots-inspired Americana. In addition to touring in the US and abroad, both headlining and supporting various artists, the band’s first year included a bold rollout of its music, with a new song, or “chapter” being unveiled every few months. Perri has also teased that many well known and exciting up-and-coming talents will make appearances both on record and on-stage in future shows. website

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