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Album bespreking: Clutch, Book of Bad Decisions

‘Is Everybody Cool? Well, Let's Get Hot!’

Well the emperor is in the pig sty and the geisha is in the shack. And you better believe I'll hold them there till the feds, they pay me back /

Dodge Swinger 1973, top down, chassis low, panel dim, light drive, Jesus on the dashboard /

Could've been a swan on a glassy lake. Could've been a gull in a clipper's wake. Could've been a ladybug on a windchime, But she was born a dragonfly /

As through a glass darkly you seek yourself. But the light grows weak while under Yggsdrasil. A basket of eggs may you count your days. Though your gut lies filled, only shells remain /

Hands down the illest ventriloquist this side of the Mississippi river. That's right, operator smoother than faders on an automated sound board. Andretti's never raced me, but if he wants to, oh I'm ready. Coordination of the eye and hand is not my strong point, but I make due with what I have. /

Well I don't know if I'm coming or going, if it's them or me Oh, but one things for certain, Willie Nelson only smokes killer weed /

Please allow me to adjust my pants, so that I may dance the good time dance, and put the onlookers and innocent bystanders into a trance /

Ribonucleic acid freak out, the power of prayer. Long halls of science and all the lunatics committed there. Robot Lords of Tokyo, smile, taste kittens! Did you not know that the royal hunting grounds are always forbidden? /

Bang, bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos. Bang, bang, bang! Vamanos, vamanos / Anthrax, ham radio, and liquor. / What's this about limits? Sorry, I don't know none. What's this about some DB limit? Sorry, I can't hear none. / Telekinetic prophetic dynamite! Psychic warfare is real!I know what you're thinking sister, x-ray vision! / Defcon! Tractor beams! Weaponized Funk. In walks Barbarella, set to stun. Defcon! Tractor beams! Gamma ray gun. Straight out the mothership! Weaponized Funk!

Voilà, of dachten jullie nu écht dat ik over het nieuwe werk van dit hoogst originele viertal een 'gewone' review zou schrijven? Deze keihard werkende, eigenzinnige, de zaken steeds in eigen handen nemende band verdient véél beter dan wat ik ooit zelf zou kunnen neerpennen. Dus laat ik gewoonweg flarden lyrics van hun geniale frontman Neil Fallon op jullie los. Get it? Koop dan één van de leuke versies (de 'Special Edition: 28 page art + lyric hardcover book' bv., een écht juweeltje). Don't get it? Beluister én bekijk de video's waarvan je de links hieronder kan terugvinden.

Op 16 december LIVE te beleven in de there!

Toppers: Book of Bad Decisions, How To Shake Hands, In Walks Barbarella, Hot Bottom Feeder

Score: 85/100

Info Releasedatum: 7 september 2018 Label: Weathermaker Music

Singles/video's: How To Shake Hands Hot Bottom Feeder In Walks Barbarella Uitgaven: LP, CD, Digital, Special Editions website Tracklist: Gimme the Keys

Spirit of '76

Book of Bad Decisions

How to Shake Hands

In Walks Barbarella

Vision Quest

Weird Times

Emily Dickinson

Sonic Counselor

A Good Fire

Ghoul Wrangler

H.B. Is in Control

Hot Bottom Feeder

Paper & Strife


Tim Sult (g), Neil Fallon (v,g, h), Jean-Paul Gaster (d), Dan Maines (b)

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